Tesla Model S Plaid with new Track Pack sets a Nürburgring record

Tesla Model S Plaid with new Track Pack sets a Nürburgring record


The Nürburgring, often referred to as the “Green Hell,” is one of the most challenging and iconic racetracks in the world. It has become a benchmark for automotive performance, with automakers constantly vying to set new lap records. Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, recently made waves in the automotive industry by reclaiming the Nürburgring lap record with its new Model S Plaid equipped with the Track Package.

Introducing the New Model S Plaid with Track Package:

The Model S Plaid with Track Package represents Tesla’s latest iteration of the already impressive Model S sedan. This high-performance variant boasts several upgrades and refinements that enhance its track capabilities. The vehicle features a more aerodynamic design, advanced suspension system, larger brakes, and track-focused tires, all aimed at delivering optimal performance on the racetrack.

Tesla’s Return to Nürburgring:

Tesla’s decision to reclaim the Nürburgring lap record is a strategic move to showcase the prowess of their electric vehicles in a highly competitive environment. Lap records hold significant value in the automotive industry, as they not only demonstrate a car’s performance but also contribute to the reputation and desirability of the brand. Tesla’s previous attempts at Nürburgring had garnered attention and set high expectations for their return.

Preparation and Testing:

To ensure the success of their lap record attempt, Tesla undertook meticulous preparation and testing. The company engaged expert drivers and engineers to fine-tune the Model S Plaid with Track Package for optimal performance on the demanding Nürburgring circuit. Extensive testing was conducted to refine the vehicle’s handling, suspension setup, and power delivery, ensuring it could tackle the track’s challenging corners and straights with precision and speed.

The Record-Breaking Lap:

In an electrifying display of power and agility, the Model S Plaid with Track Package shattered the previous Nürburgring lap record. With its blistering acceleration and impressive handling, the car completed the lap in record time, leaving its competitors in the dust. The Model S Plaid’s remarkable feat not only demonstrated the capabilities of electric vehicles but also positioned Tesla at the forefront of high-performance electric cars.

Significance for Tesla and the Electric Vehicle Industry:

Tesla’s reclaiming of the Nürburgring lap record holds tremendous significance for both the company and the electric vehicle industry as a whole. By showcasing the exceptional performance of the Model S Plaid with Track Package, Tesla solidifies its position as a leader in electric vehicle technology. The lap record serves as a testament to the advancements Tesla has made in battery technology, powertrain engineering, and vehicle dynamics. It dispels any doubts about the potential of electric cars in high-performance scenarios and opens new possibilities for the future of electric racing.


Tesla’s triumphant return to Nürburgring and the reclaiming of the lap record with the Model S Plaid with Track Package has undoubtedly made an indelible mark in the automotive industry. The record-breaking achievement not only highlights Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle performance but also underscores the transformative potential of electric cars. With each milestone, Tesla continues to redefine expectations and shape the future of automotive innovation.


What is the Nürburgring lap record?

The Nürburgring lap record refers to the fastest lap time achieved by a vehicle on the Nürburgring racetrack. It serves as a benchmark for performance and is often sought after by automakers to showcase their vehicles’ capabilities.

How does Tesla’s new Model S Plaid with Track Package differ from the standard version?

The Model S Plaid with Track Package is a high-performance variant of Tesla’s Model S sedan. It features upgrades such as an aerodynamic design, advanced suspension system, larger brakes, and track-focused tires, all geared towards enhancing its performance on the racetrack.

Are lap records important for electric vehicles?

Lap records hold significant value for electric vehicles as they help dispel doubts about their performance capabilities. Breaking lap records demonstrates that electric cars can rival or surpass their internal combustion engine counterparts in terms of speed and agility.

What other automakers have attempted Nürburgring lap records?

Several automakers have attempted Nürburgring lap records, including Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and BMW. These lap records serve as a testament to their engineering prowess and are often seen as milestones in automotive performance.

Will Tesla’s lap record at Nürburgring affect their sales?

While lap records can generate excitement and positive publicity, their direct impact on sales is difficult to measure. However, breaking lap records helps improve brand reputation and instill confidence in potential buyers, contributing to long-term sales growth for Tesla.

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